Socio Economic Environmental
Development Organization (SEEDO)

Welcome To Socio Economic Environmental Development Organization

Background information

Socio Economic Environmental Development Organization (SEEDO) is a non-profitable, Non Govt. social development organization came into existence in 2004 with the initiatives of some youths like-minded social workers. The aim of the organization is to alleviate poverty and make self-reliance through Non Formal Education, provide life based skill training, Institution Building, Utilization of Local Resources and to take local need based and problem solving programmers with the effective participation of the community people. SEEDO believes on non-directive, bottom up participatory development programmers and act as SEEDO with target people.

To achieve the goal, SEEDO first organizes the underprivileged women through effective communication, motivation, education and training for skill development and after wards assists through micro-credit support in initiating income generating activities to alleviate their poverty, empowerment to powerless people.

Vision of the organization

SEEDO aspires for a society free room starvation, oppression, exploitation and injustices where every individual will able to live in peace and harmony by enjoying their rightful share of the resources belonging to the society. It also stresses to augment human dignity, social justice, and democratization of society and fraternity in the process of development initiatives.

Mission statement

SEEDO believes that man is the center of all development endeavors and is the maker of his/her own fortune. Accordingly, the development philosophy of the organization is based on the fact that the Paramount Need of People is Not Relief, But Release. It feels to develop their dormant potentialities for the personal, social, economical, educational and active civic growth and development. It always keep a space in its consideration for making linkages with other like-minded organizations and also stresses to augment human dignity, social justice, fraternity and democratization in the process of development initiatives.

Target Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of the organization are mainly ultra poor household, land less, near land less, marginal farmers, small business men and malnourished mother, adolescents and child (men, women and children) of the rural area those who have less than 50 decimal of land and no other regular source of income except selling their physical labors and who are neglected in the society.

Hard core poor
The worst of group distinctly below the poverty thresholds, with virtually no cultivable land (not even homestead land) and chronic food deficit (one meal per day);
Very Poor
Household around the threshold boundary of poverty with land ownership less the 50 decimals, occasional food deficit (two meals per day)
Less poor
Currently above the poverty threshold (with three meals per day) but within the boundary of income erosion pressures. Such households pose a hidden but critical problem of what may be called Tomorrow’s poor”
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